Mitch’s Rooms

We have two caves and a rainforest in our school!

We have used a suggestion by grade 3 student Mitch, about creating different ‘rooms’ or environments to start our school year.  Working in teams to create a ‘room’ has given students the opportunity to use the 5C’s:

Communication     Collaboration     Curiousity     Creativity     Compassion

Students chose their room, then worked in teams

Being curious by generating questions about their environment

Being creative to work out how to build their room and doing so

Communicating and collaborating to plan and get the job done

And being compassionate in listening to the presentations of others and in working out the interconnectedness and chains in their environment .

Jed was in cave group 1:

We made the cave with poles and we put a grey blanket and also moved a shelf. I would say doing the inside was the best for me. I really liked doing the team work in our group. Cullen was great to work with because he had awesome ideas, same as Inez, because she knows a lot about caves and animals.


Sol was in Cave Group 2:

I think my group worked really well together because we all were doing different things so that we could get heaps of work done. Jason made a really good spider web and Gully made an awesome Slappy (Vampire). We built the cave with blankets, pegs and bull clips. We also put two signs up saying Come in if You Dare! and DANGER!


Bailey was in the rainforest group:

 I was in the jungle group with Mitch, Beau and Lily. We have lots of things in our jungle like a bear, monkeys, snakes and lizards. We all have mostly finished the jobs that we wanted. I think my group went really well. The thing I like the most was the rain. I like the rain best because  it was a creative idea, because the rainforest has rain in it.


The Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count Inspires Poets

During the Great Aussie Backyard Bird Count week students really enjoyed using the Bird Count app on their ipads to record the data they collected. Teachers and students found that there was A LOT of learning involved: mathematics, literacy, science, ICT and fitness, as well as personal learning.

In literacy children focussed on  descriptive vocabulary to write poems using a variety of formats with birds as their inspiration. I’m sure you’ll agree we have some very creative writers in our midst!


All the falcons are screeching,

With their small strong beaks they’re whistling,

Up on the ledges they’re searching for food,

With their beady eyes they’re watching.

Written by Sol.V


Hooded Plover

Hooded Plovers on the beach

Making nests of sand

The birds have three eggs each

Skittering on the beach like a band.

Written by Inez






Written by Mitch



           catChing eels

           hoOky beak



           shOrt beak

fishing foR eels

     black And white

sleek wiNgs


Written by Cullen









Written by Gully










Written by Beau


Sea Gull

Sea Gulls like to sit on the water looking float after eating chips

they start to feel bloated

so they don’t have room for biscuits and dip.

Written by Sol



Majestic and huge

Loyal, active and heavy

Filling up with fish.

Written by Bailey











Written by Jed


Wedge Tailed Eagle

Wedge tailed eagle

Soaring high up in the clouds

Wings spread and gliding.

Written by Rawiri

Walk to School Breakfast

Queenscliff Primary students have embraced walk to school month with every student participating.

Each day in October they have recorded their participation and used maths lessons to tally results and calculate distances walked. Students have also worked hard to organise and host a Walk to School breakfast for our community. This included writing invitations and delivering them and a cooking session to prepare a huge quantity of yummy museli.


The breakfast was attended by the Major, Helene Cameron, Councillor Bob Merriman, families, neighbours and lots of kindergarten students. It was a magnificent still morning with a beautiful Swan Bay low tide view for everybody who walked laps around the oval to build up an appetite. Queenscliff parents joined students in the kitchen to cook and prepare, with blueberry hotcakes on the menu for kinder students and museli, bacon, eggs tomatoes and mushrooms for adults. It was a magnificent effort by all involved and we were extremely proud of our students who took their responsibilities as hosts, helpers and waiters very seriously.

We would like to thank The Borough of Queenscliffe , who sponsored the Breakfast and provided “Golden Ticket” prizes, which were distributed by Kylie the Crossing Guard, during the month.

Congratulations and thank you to our teacher Melissa and Bailey’s mum, Heidi, who worked hard to organise and make the Walk to School Breakfast such a huge success.

I know they have bigger and better plans for 2016, so circle October 27th on your calendar!